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   100% Apple Juice is and always will be Tree Top’s highlight. We have obviously kept this line at the center of our range with a variety of packaging and sizes: PET bottles, Alu Cans, Tetra Pak and Glass.


   However, we have taken advantage of the brand power and developed a series of other 100% juices like Orange, Tomato, Apple-Cranberry and, very recently Apple-Pomegranate, as they have been in high demands by a number of Trade Channels in the Asian region. 

A few Nectars has been developed to satisfy those markets where price-sensitivity is an issue to take into consideration.


   Capitalizing on our experience in Asian Teas, we have also designed a line of fruit-infused teas: Oolong, Green Tea and Camomille have been skillfully blended with a variety of juices like apple, blueberry, honey-lemon and peach;


   Last, but surely not least, a special line of “Fresh & Functional” juices has been created to cater particularly to the young Asian generation which demand new, innovative and contemporary products “with a twist”. Discover it here

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