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   Babi Corp International started to distribute Tree Top juices on the Taiwan market in 1996. It soon became clear that, while the brand was widely recognized and the quality appreciated, some effort had to be put forward in re-packaging most of the products in order to be a better fit to the local consumers’ habits.


   After having successfully consolidated the brand in Taiwan and Greater China, Tree Top’s top management in Selah, WA, granted to BABI Corp international a sole agency for the brand in a number of Asian countries: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India.


   We simply became “Tree Top Asia”. But, we are more than "just an agent”: we are the actual manufacturer of all Tree Top’s SKUs in our portfolio and the custodian of the superior quality of the brand’s juices. Indeed, every single ingredient in our products goes through the strict approval process of the experts in Washington State, so that full consistency with the lines sold in the USA and Europe is guaranteed.


   Currently, Tree Top Asia’s lines are packed either in Taiwan or Thailand.

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