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   With the brand’s headquarters in the heart of Washington’s apple country in Selah, WA, where the cooperative was founded, Tree Top remains committed to the co-op’s small town roots and rural values. Hardworking and caring growers and employees are what make Tree Top special, since 1960.

   Over a half, a century ago Bill Charbonneau, his wife and two sons moved to the Yakima Valley from southern California. He purchased a small apple processing plant on Produce Row in Selah, Washington, and set about developing a quality brand of apple juice. Once he perfected his clear, premium juice, Mr. Charbonneau held a contest among his employees to choose a brand name for his product, and the winning entry was "Tree Top." It was widely believed in those days that the very best quality fruit grew at the top of the trees.

   Mr. Charbonneau was a stickler about the quality and taste of his juice. His office was located within the juicing facility so he could personally oversee its making. Apples were pressed and the juice stored in 5,000 gallon holding tanks. Every time a batch of apples was pressed, a sample was brought to Mr. Charbonneau to taste. If the juice did not meet his approval, the entire 5,000-gallon tank would be poured down the drain.

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