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   We exclusively developed a new product line that consists of mixed fresh pressed juices with nutritional ingredients; it provides with a great taste and high quality that represent the TRUST, TRUTH & TRANSPARENCY concepts of the Tree Top brand.

   With two items each for our special “Freshly Pressed” and “Functional” juices, this fun line is aimed to the new generation of Asian consumers demanding more innovative and contemporary products. All in 300ml glass bottles.


  • mango juice

  • sugar cane juice

  • carambola juice

  • orange juice

  • passion fruit juice

Orange Carrot Passion 

  • carrot juice

  • orange juice

  • passion fruit juice

Super P 

  • Red grape juice; apple juice pomegranate juice mulberry juice  blueberry juice  acerola juice.

  • Vitamin C & B complex 

  • Acai berry

  • Elderberry

  • Mangosteen 

Berry Beautiful 

  • apple juice, strawberry juice, cranberry juice, raspberry juice, peach juice, acerola juice.

  • Vitamin C&E

  • Collagen

  • Royal jelly peptide

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